Prefabricated Stairs

Prefabricated stairways are a great solution for building and designing stairways. They allow the stair company flexibility and control in designing the stairways with the handrail system in mind so that there are fewer problems on the back end. At Royal Oak we can offer upgrade options at reduced cost by prefabricating the stairways and we can save our clients’ money by reducing the amount of framing materials needed on the job site, reducing the amount of framing labor to field frame the stairs, and reducing the amount of time the staircase and handrail scope of work is completed within your home.

The design, engineering, and fabrication of the prefab product utilizes the latest in design and CNC technology ensuring that everything is perfect and minimizes the possibility of poor trim work by onsite carpenters. We offer the flexibility to fabricate the staircase in our shop and set in place or bring the parts and pieces directly to your job site to construct the staircase onsite. Talk to our sales team to find out if a prefabricated stairway is the right option for you.