Welded Railings

Unlike most staircase companies, Royal Oak Stairs has full in house welding capability. In order for a stair company to offer TURNKEY Staircase and Custom Iron balustrade contracts to customers they must either 1) Subcontract the welding railings OR  2) Have in house capability.


-Introducing another company into the process drives cost. In order for the stair company to carry the subcontract and warrantee the turnkey product, there will be a markup on an already expensive product.

-Working with two companies in the design and execution phase creates confusion, complicates logistics, and increases the risk of a lower quality finished product. If you’re a builder or architect, you already know this. If you’re a homeowner, ask your builder or architect!


DO YOU WANT TO WORK WITH ROYAL OAK ON YOUR NEXT TURNKEY STAIR AND CUSTOM IRON RAILING PROJECT? If so, take a look through your magazines, visit this link HOUZZ and pick a design that you like. Next step, hit the contact us button below and send us your pictures and house plans for a quote.