We can help your team by providing plan view and basic 3-d layouts during the design phase:

Time, Save yourself time and improve the overall process.

Design, At Royal Oak we take into account all of the latest building codes, analyze headroom’s, and insure the most proper fit before is becomes a problem. Let the staircase drive your space, not the space drive your staircase.

Cost Savings, We can provide more competitive quotes by being in charge of the design process. If the final CAD files are created before framing rather than after we already have ALL of the information to build the stairway. This saves us costly e-templating time, improves the overall design and execution of the project. We can pass that savings onto you and your clients.

At Royal Oak Stairs we offer Plan View and basic 3-D preliminary staircase and handrail design to architects. Collaborate with our design department and we will give you a file that you can plug directly into your house plans. DXF, PDF, DWG, SKP, SLDPRT files are what we typically work with. Talk to your sales rep about other design services we offer.