Semi-Custom Home Builder

At Royal Oak Stairs we recognize how difficult it is for our Semi-Custom clients to compete with National Track Builders. We are doing everything we can to helping our Semi-Custom clients by providing “Custom Products at Commodity Prices”. Let us help you by:

Design, Let us take a look at your house plans and standardize custom products for your repeat plans. Since we have full manufacturing capability we can offer custom profile newels, handrails, and treads to help separate your product from the competition.

Expertise, Our salesmen have extensive experience in taking off and understanding how a staircase comes together. We get the right parts with the right measurements to the jobsite the first time, saving you time and money.


We are a proud member of the Triangle Builders Guild of Raleigh. Our Mission aligns perfectly with their CREED and we strive to work alongside them and other local home builders to provide better quality products that are built to last and have an better impact on our communities and the people that live in them.


Triangle Builders Guild