Stair Builder/ Sub-Contractor

At Royal Oak, we have a national network of Staircase Manufactures and Subcontractors that we work with. We would love to talk with you about how we can help offer your clients more customized products and services.

Curve or Custom Stair Kits, If you don’t have the capability to build custom stairs in your shop let us help you. We can work with your team to design your curve or custom stairs and manufacture a tread, riser, and stringer kit for easy onsite assembly.

Wreathed Handrails, For a one time set up fee of $500 we can send you a camera and e-templating software that will be yours, so that you can take your e-templates for easing fittings. This is great service for the custom stair builder who wants to offer more flexibility in staircase and handrail design. This is also a great service for wood tops on metal handrail systems.

Custom Fittings, Has your client sent you a picture a unique starting fitting? Tell him you can do it! Send us any starting fitting or customized handrail fitting pictures and we can bring it to life for you and your client.

Custom Newels, We have newel turning capability. Let us turn your pictures into a reality.